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JIMMY´Z Micro Kicktail Leopard


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25" x 7" x 9.5 mm deck

7 Ply Full Canadian Maple (5 layer color stain)

120mm X-Caliber Conventional Trucks

PU Casted X-Caliber (HR90a) Bushings

60mm x 45mm PU X-Caliber (HR83a) Wheels

#60 Clear Spray Grip on Top

Heat Transfer Graphic

Abec-7 Chrome Steel Bearings

6mm Riser Pad

¬¬Surf. Skate. Relate. This was the original slogan or ‘ethos’ of the JIMMY’Z tribe back in the day… and it remains the same.

JIMMY’Z is a success story with roots planted in Southern California’s Malibu Beach. It began in 1984 when an acknowledged sculptor and painter/surfer by the name of Jim Ganzer created an idea to build a surf/skate/art and humor oriented line of sportswear. The concept came about while contemplating the pants of his baseball uniform; an adjustable short that opened from a side closure attached by Velcro. Eventually this concept shaped the way surfers and skaters in the local area wore clothing in the 1980s. He called his new invention JIMMY’Z.

This combination of surf culture and artistic pursuits is what was at the heart of JIMMY’Z when Jimmy started selling shorts out of the back of his Ford “Woody” station wagon to surfers and skaters on the beaches of Malibu and streets of Los Angeles.

Having some of the old school guys behind the brand (i.e. Steve Caballero, Eddie Elguera, and Mike McGill) really legitimizes what we’re doing.